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Doxiadis Associates was founded in 1951 by the noted architect Constantinos A. Doxiadis. Since its establishment, the firm has grown from a small group of architects and engineers to a large consulting organization of international scope. Its activities span the whole spectrum of development, with special emphasis on addressing the problems of human settlements.

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In September 2011, one year after its commencement, the master planning project for the creation of a new city situated 35 km from Karachi was successfully completed. It is one of the largest and most ambitious projects in Pakistan, which Doxiadis Associates with his partners visualised and designed on an area of 12.320 acres, based on ekistics principles of efficiency and sustainability to house a population of ½ a million. DCK new self sustained City is envisioned as a paradigm in the fields of infrastructure, transportation, low energy consumption and services for other cities in the region to follow. It is a landmark project as it introduces new standards of planning adapted to the local conditions and points the way to the expansion of the metropolis towards Hyderabad, the second largest city of the region. (see also http://www.dhakarachi.org/about_dhacity.asp )


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